Samsung Announces the Galaxy Fold, a Phone That Opens Into a Tablet

At an event yesterday, Samsung unveiled its foldable smartphone. It's called the Galaxy Fold, and it sports dual screens: one that folds in half like a notebook, and another that works just like any other.

From a report:
The roughly 200-gram Galaxy Fold flips open in portrait orientation, and the inside is coated with a film that gives it a photopaper-like appearance.
It's got a protective polymer consisting of a cover window, a shock-absorbent film, and a polarizer that's 45 percent slimmer than the company's previous thinnest, along with a flexible layer and backplane.
Samsung says the tech -- dubbed Infinity Flex Display -- took seven years to develop.
Thanks to a highly durable adhesive, the Fold's 7.3-inch primary screen and "sophisticated" hinge system with interlocking gears can undergo "hundreds of thousands" of flexes without sustaining damage, Samsung says
The 4.6-inch secondary screen doesn't bend, and that's by design -- it puts apps at your fingertips when the Fold's folded in half. [...]
It's available in both an LTE and 5G version, starting at an eye-popping $1,980 approximately ₦716,200.
April 26 is the launch date.

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