Meet The World's Smallest 4G Smartphone

Jelly Pro is a mini-sized phone with full features of Android 7.0 Nougat and also the first of its kind supporting the ultra-fast 4G network. It is the ultimate answer to any situation where using a heavy, expensive primary phone is inconvenient.

Jelly Pro is designed to be small, but for a reason! whenever it is unnecessary to take a bulky and expensive phone with you, just put Jelly Pro in the coin pocket.

Small Yet Powerful

Jelly Pro may look cute but it packs a punch! It uses a quad-core of 1.1 GHz processor up to 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM.

Dual SIM-Cards

We are travelers and we are business people just like you. Many people prefer to maintain more than one phone number and switching SIM cards to do so or when traveling is a hassle. Jelly Pro makes it easy with dual Nano SIM card slots.

Battery Life

For many people, Jelly Pro is a lightweight backup for their main phone and so it should be powered-up and ready to go when you are. Jelly Pro has a replaceable battery design and with a full charge, it has an up to 3 days working time (average usage) or up to 7 days on standby.

Easy Selfie With Both Cameras

8MP back camera & 2MP front camera

Selfies made easy! No more struggling to hold and handle a heavyweight smartphone while trying to capture the perfect ‘You’.

Run Any APP

Choosing the mini-sized Jelly Pro doesn’t mean compromising on your favorite Apps either. Using the latest Android operating system, Jelly Pro can run virtually any App from the Google Play store.

Whether you want to play games or chat with friends, go ahead and fill Jelly Pro with all your essential Apps and enjoy the convenience and reliability that you would expect from any phone.

Enjoy the Fast 4G Speed

Jelly Pro supports most of the 4G network carriers except those with CDMA.

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