WhatsApp Beta 2.18.300 adds swipe to reply gesture

iOS users have enjoyed a neat gesture in WhatsApp for a long time that us Android fans have been denied: a simple swipe to reply on any message. For the past few weeks, this feature has been rumored to be coming to Android and now it's finally live in the latest beta.

If you're using WhatsApp Beta 2.18.300, you'll simply have to swipe (or flick, really) any message to the right to trigger a reply. The message will be quoted and you'll be able to type in a reply very quickly. Before this gesture was implemented, you had to tap and hold on the message and either start typing immediately (little known trick) or tap the reply button in the top bar. The gesture is definitely a faster and more intuitive way to do it.

To get Beta 2.18.300, you either have to join the official Play Store beta program and wait for the app to update or you can grab it directly from APK Mirror.

Source: Android Police

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