Pixel 3 XL hands-on leak maintains phone’s notoriety

The Pixel 3 XL is perhaps one of the worst leaked smartphones in recent history that it has almost become a joke in tech circles. It has also cast some suspicion on whether Google is intentionally misleading people through what could be the most elaborate and most convoluted pre-launch marketing stunt in the market's history. With so many leaked photos and even hands-on videos of the smartphone, what's the harm in having one more? You asked for it, Russia delivers. With love.

Truth be told, there is nothing new from Rozetked's "hands-on" video that we haven't exactly seen before. Even the YouTuber makes reference to the countless leaks for the Pixel 3 XL out there already. In fact, the video does little hands-on and more talking about the narrative behind the Pixel 3 XL's notorious "features".

Yes, they're talking about the "bucket" notch yet again, perhaps the smartphone's biggest, or only, flaw. Presuming it is indeed there. Again, some have cast doubts on that possibility because of how ridiculous the number of leaks has become. If it's there though, expect people to raise hell about it. And then still buy the phone anyway.

That's mostly because Google's Pixel phones have traditionally had great cameras. Well, singular, which is still the case for the Pixel 3 XL One thing the video does note has changed is that the phone now wobbles when placed on a flat surface.

Thankfully, we're just a few days away from finally knowing what Google really has in store for Pixel fans and the Android world at large. Some even think that there might be a Pixel Ultra, which would be the best-kept secret in the market if it were true. Sounds more like wishful thinking though.


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