Google Street View lets you look inside garage where search engine was founded 20 years ago

Have you ever wondered how Google came about? Or how much space is needed to launch your very own, globally successful internet search engine?

A whiteboard shows logo options (Image: Google)

Well, wonder no more!

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Google is partying like it's 1998 and giving its users the chance to take a look inside the very first Google 'office' - a pretty average looking garage - and see how it looked when it was originally set up by its co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin two decades ago.

The disused garage - simply called "Susan's garage" on Street View - actually belonged to YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki.

As you walk through the garage’s side door, you’ll find “CRT” computer monitors carefully resting on an old workhorse table, showing old search pages.

Google's announcement of the feature jokes that: "Larry and Sergey were particularly thrilled that use of the washing machine and dryer was included in their rent."

You can also explore several different rooms around the house on Santa Margarita Avenue in California's Menlo Park, which Google actually owns.

As well as computers showing past incarnations of the search engine and whiteboards showing variations of the Google logo, you can also see the personal touches of the six Google employees as their business expanded.

Mini rainbow spheres, dinosaurs, a ping pong table, and even a piano keyboard can be found on your travels.

And be sure to keep a lookout for the secret trap door, where you'll uncover a whole new collection of items from the firm’s history.

Although Google celebrates its birthday on September 27, the internet giant was actually incorporated earlier on September 4, 1998, going live on September 15 of the same year.

Twenty years' worth of hard work and global expansion has made the company the third most valuable, with only Apple and Amazon ahead of them.

If you want to take a closer look at the garage, you can visit it yourselves on Street View .

Source: Mirror

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